About us

AENSys Informatics Ltd. conducts active research in the field of M2M (machine to machine) communication, which research results it seeks to utilize in industrial projects. As the official spin-off company of the University of Szeged, we conduct joint research in several software development directions in order to satisfy the needs of our customers with innovative solutions.


What we offer

The primary activity of our company is custom software development. We undertake the development of custom applications in the following areas:

  • design and development of sensor networks
  • development of large enterprise systems
  • mobile application development
  • service oriented systems development (SaaS)

Of course, in addition to software development, we also provide consulting services to our clients:

  • system architecture survey, optimization
  • software development consultancy

All the developers of our company also carry out research tasks so that we can always provide our customers with up-to-date, innovative applications.


Historical summary

AENsys Informatics Ltd. was founded in 2007, in the early years its task was the industrial utilization of the applied research results generated at the Department of Software Development of the University of Szeged. From 2014 deals with purely industrial orders, from 2015 the development direction of agro-informatics was transferred to a separate company, which received a capital investment. From 2016, it launched a new smart security + smart home line and began addressing high-availability cloud services based on Amazon AWS.

From the very beginning, the company has provided full transparency to our customers throughout the development process, allowing access to the tasks performed during preparation, planning and delivery, thus ensuring a high level of task and cost control.

We work with an agile methodology, our customers can be sure that they always have an accurate picture of exactly what we are developing and why. We have a project-dependent sprint system so that we can always deliver to all our customers in the most flexible way.


The company’s portfolio

  • Existing application cloud migration, high availability, 99.9%, 24/7 system management and telephone customer service in English and Hungarian
  • Development, further development and maintenance of Java EE enterprise systems
  • Development of machine to machine systems, data collection, evaluation systems (development and operation of hardware-software solutions)
  • Mobile application development
  • Software quality assurance, support of handover processes, expert activity


Our main focus areas

  • health informatics, as a supplier we have been cooperating with Hungarian companies since 2008, including indirectly with T-Systems
  • security technology, home automation: a Scandinavian-Hungarian jointly developed manufacturer independent security technology platform. It is one of the 3 vendor-independent platforms available in the world and is currently used primarily in the Swedish-Norwegian area.
  • In addition, we deal with the design, development, operation and further development of high-availability systems, primarily in the field of health and safety technology.
  • system integration and data analysis preparation: interconnection and integration of existing heterogeneous systems on a common platform
  • cloud based application development, application migration, rewriting
  • cloud migration, with migration if necessary


Key technologies

  • We build our systems on Java EE, we mainly develop for Tomcat application server with JPA / Hibernate, Spring back-end, Angular 2+, React and mobile front-end
  • As a supplier, we also worked with Oracle ESB, WS- * 2, SAML technologies
  • We operate our solutions in Amazon AWS unless our customers request otherwise, so we can keep our operating costs low. In addition, we maintain 24/7 on-call and 8/5 developer customer service
  • In addition, we deal with Intersystems Ensemble multi-table database and back-end developments
  • If necessary, we have deep knowledge in the development of legacy java systems (JBoss Seam, Liferay 5, JSP / JSF)